Blickshift Analytics: Advanced eye tracking analysis

Update 1.0.36 Beta (27th of February, 2019)

Improved AOI editor

SMI files with stimuli store in one exported file can now be imported

Chapters in online help reworked

General bugfixes

Update 1.0.30 Beta (11th of January, 2019)

  • New parameters for Film Strip and Stimulus visualization
  • General bug fixes

Update 1.0.28 Beta (29th of October, 2018)

  • Layout wizard is optimized
  • Line Graph can now visualize dates and times
  • General bug fixes

Update 1.0.25 Beta (12th of September, 2018)

  • Static AOI editor reworked based on user feedback
  • Import of columns with dates and times is now possible
  • Documentation about workflow exporer reworked

Update 1.0.22 Beta (11th of June, 2018)

  • Official beta version with advanced AOI editor for static stimuli
  • New start screen with project overview
  • Project files short cut view added
  • Beta nodes added for gap filling, multi value conflation and data merging
  • Column quick search added to analysis and visualization panels
  • General bug fixes

Update 1.0.17 (24th of April, 2018)

  • New chapters to documentation added
  • Small improvements
  • General bug fixes
  • New features in exporter and importer component
  • Performance improvements

Update 1.0.12 (16th of January, 2018)

  • In the first release of the new year we have concentrated on small improvements and bugfixes.

Update 1.0.11 (15th of December, 2017)

  • We change to a monthly update cycle
  • Introduction of play function in time dependent visualizations
  • Individual selection of stimuli in Film Strip visualization
  • Chapters Introduction, Value Search and Project Manager in manual have additional information
  • Manual is added to download as PDF file
  • Small improvements
  • General bug fixes

Update 1.0.8 (15th of November, 2017)

  • Blickshift Analytics is installed via a Windows installer program
  • Introduction of a data column for stimuli names
  • Importer differentiates between time stamps with comma- and decimal seperators
  • Improvements of performance for a large number of scenarios and participants
  • Performance of Column Computation is optimized
  • Optimization of workflow
  • Gyro- and accelerometer data from Tobii Pro Lab files can now be analyzed
  • Ignored AOIs are drawn as dashed lines in Parallel Scan Path visualization
  • Introduction of time units for time columns
  • Gaze Duration Statistics works with different time units
  • Order of columns can be changed in Drill Down visualization
  • Optimization of error list in Column Computation
  • Different layouts for time dependent visualizations
  • Chapter Concept of manual contains additional information

Update 1.0.7 (29th of Juni, 2017)

  • First version with labeling node
  • Scan Path can visualize splitted data sources
  • Optimization of automatic layout function
  • Performance of Heat Map improved
  • General bug fixes

Update 1.0.5 (12th of May, 2017)

  • Labeling node is in beta phase
  • Import performance improved
  • General bug fixes

Update 1.0.3 (28th of April, 2017)

  • Heuristics of importer is improved
  • Window layout is stored in project files
  • Scan Path supports coupled cursors
  • Optimization of the user interface for Windows 7

Publication of Blickshift Analytics 1.0 (15th of March, 2017)