• Claire Prendergast
    Blickshift Analytics is a very useful visualization and analysis tool for eye-tracking data. The user interface is very accessible and allows users to combine different features to get an integrated overview of what is usually a large and otherwise overwhelming data file! It helped me discover some interesting patterns in my data and allowed me to correct for calibration offsets and latency too. The Blickshift team is really helpful and interested in eye-tracking research. Blickshift Analytics is a tool that every researcher using eye-tracking can benefit from.
    Claire Prendergast
    Scientist, Harvard University and University of Oslo
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Schlegel
    With Blickshift Analytics we could analyze a large eye tracking experiment in a high level of detail. Especially, the feature for searching frequently performed eye movement patterns is a very helpful tool for analyzing the visual perception in traffic.
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Schlegel
    Head of Institute for Ubiquitous Mobility Systems at the Karlsruhe University
  • Prof. Dr. med. Ulrich Schiefer
    Blickshift supports the AMPEL lab at the Technical University of Aalen in analyzing the recorded eye movements and simulator data with Blickshift Analytics. A very interesting feature of the software are the advanced eye tracking visualizations and scan path comparison features. This gives us the possibility to analyze long driving experiments very efficiently and to identify drivers with similar driving behavior very quickly.
    Prof. Dr. med. Ulrich Schiefer
    Head of Aalen Mobility Perception and Exploration Lab (AMPEL) at the Aalen University
  • Dr. Tanja Blascheck
    Extremly cool! Finally, a powerful analysis software for the analysis of user studies in visualization research!
    Dr. Tanja Blascheck
    Post-Doc at the Institut national de recherche en informatique et en automatique, Paris

Enhancement of a driving simulator

OSRAM Continental GmbH / Aalen University (AMPEL and Vision Research Group)

  • Transfer of newest results from research in eye tracking analysis to applied research
  • Modification and enhancement of an existing driving simulator environment
  • Cost efficient data analysis with Blickshift Analytics

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Lean Prototyping using Blickshift Analytics

Fraunhofer IAO

  • Development of a lean prototyping environment for a fast and cost-saving development and validation of interaction concepts
  • Development and implementation of an attention detection algorithm using Blickshift Analytics
  • Design and construction of a mock up

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Data recording and synchronization in a driving simulator

Hochschule der Medien

  • Development of a software solution for a parallel recording of eye tracking data, data from a driving simulator, biometric data and several HD cameras
  • Development of a software-based synchronization and mastering of the recorded data to a constant recording frequency in Blickshift Analytics
  • Integration of the two software components in the existing software infrastructure and automatic clock synchronization of the used computers

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Head-mounted eye tracking analysis

Karlsruhe University (Institute for Ubiquitous Mobility Systems)

  • Detailed analysis of 54 data sets in a few days
  • Data preparation with Blickshift Analytics
  • Search for common eye movement patterns in data from pedestrians and cyclists

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Driver behavior modeling

Fraunhofer IAO

  • Analysis of 18 data sets with 16 sections each in less than one day
  • Parametrization of a driver behavior model based on the analysis results
  • Support for implementation of the driver model in a test car