Data Analysis

Do you have data to analyze, but never find the time to start with the analysis?  Would you rather get a ready-made report on the results than invest time yourself?

We provide data analysis as a service. We use or own Blickshift Analysis software, ensuring a transparent analysis process and objective results.

We create a workflow that is tailored to your data and your questions. After the analysis, we create reports, presentations or videos according to your requirements.

Benefit from...

  • our quantitative, transparent and data driven analysis method
  • our experience in conducting and analyzing user experiments
  • objective results using algorithms
  • transparent and traceable results in every step
  • our experience in scientific methods and expertise in Eye Tracking, and Visual Analytics

Analysis Domains


  • Evaluation experiments
  • Driving experiments
  • Usability tests

Market Research

  • Online eye tracking studies
  • Web shop user experiments
  • Web usability tests (e.g. AB Testing)
  • Market research studies
  • Studies for optimizing advertising
  • Tests for UX and usability of apps


  • User studies in visualization research, human factors, HCI and many others
  • Perception experiments
  • Cognitive modeling
  • Psychological experiments

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