Blickshift Analytics

Blickshift Analytics 2023.1 (November 2023)

  • All new Dynamic AOI Editor with options to interpolate AOI over time, or have them tracked in the video
  • Gaze Duration Statistics node was renamed to Gaze Statistics, and now includes many additional statistics for fixations, saccades, scan paths and pupil dilation, depending on the existing base data
  • Drill Down view can now have a colored cells according to values, which is used by e.g. the Transition Matrix
  • Nodes with many inputs are now displayed collapsed by default in the Workflow Explorer and can be expanded upon request
  • Improved the support for fixations in Pupil Labs importer and node
  • Importer and Pupil Labs node now support Pupil Labs Neon data
  • Fixed several possible crashes in situations where due to a change in input data no column was selected
  • Fixed a bug where events could go missing if event data was merged into a Merge & Resample Node and “Complete Resample” was selected as the resample method
  • Fixed a problem with the layout of the importer that could occur if file/scenario/participant names were very long

Blickshift Analytics 1.3.2 (August 2022)

  • Scan Path visualization now takes time unit into account when computing circle sizes, thus requiring less manual correction via setting a reference radius.
  • We implemented a new node that clusters according to Scan Path similarity and automatically groups participants according to that similarity.
  • Labeling Node can now handle re-connecting new nodes. Labelled data stays in existence and is re-used if data set, scenario and subject are the same.
  • Simple Statistics Node now has an option to ignore NaN values.
  • Value Search now has additional options regarding NaN values.
  • Completely new importer with support for many auto-detected formats and better support for automatically importing media files.
  • Scenarios and participants now have user-editable metadata that can be used to group scenarios or participants according to the metadata content.
  • Files can now be opened or imported via drag & drop.
  • Markings that are directly adjacent to each other on the base data are now correctly merged into a single marking instead of staying a split marking.
  • Fixed a bug in the project manager, where stimulus IDs would behave erratically.
  • Fixed a problem that could happen when automatically importing Pupil Labs data located in a folder in a hard drive’s root directory.
  • Bug fixes and improvement of performance.

Blickshift Analytics 1.2.14 (August 2021)

  • Enabled aggregation of stimulus-based visualizations (heat maps, scan paths), if the stimulus name is read from a column, and the data has been grouped according to that column with a group node.
  • Added information about the column type into the columns’ tooltip in the drill down visualization.
  • Fixed a bug in the merge and resample node that could occur, if the data on Input 1 had many rows with the same timestamp and “Clamp to Common Time” was activated.
  • Fixed a problem with importing world.mp4 files from Pupil Labs recordings.
  • Several smaller improvements and bugfixes

Blickshift Analytics 1.2.3 (November 2020)

  • Added support for annotations in the Pupil Labs data
  • Fixed a problem that could occur if Pupil Labs fixation data files are empty
  • Significantly improved performance of Group Node
  • Significantly improved performance of Value Search
  • Added possibility to select non-monotonous columns to the Merge&Resample Node
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to some clauses of the Value Search not being used in the search under specific circumstances
  • Fixed a bug that caused the the “duplicate marking” functionality to not work correctly
  • Several smaller improvements and bugfixes

Blickshift Analytics 1.2 (July 2020)

  • Pupil Labs support:
    • including surfaces
    • Pupil Labs fixations
    • blink detection
    • eye videos, etc.
  • Introduced support for normalized coordinates and different coordinate origins
  • Ignoring coordinates is now configurable
  • Added metric “GazedAtBy” to Gaze Duration Statistics
  • Added an option to aggregate via average for the Time to First Fixation cimputation
  • Significantly improved performance on several nodes
  • Several smaller improvements and bugfixes

Blickshift Analytics 1.1.16 (February 2020)

  • New features in visualization components
  • Optimized Labeling node
  • Optimized Column Computation node
  • Faster computations in split-markings
  • Improved importer
  • Many bugfixes and improvements

Blickshift Analytics 1.1.9 (July 2019)

  • Support for portability of projects
  • Merge and Resample now supports NaN as a possible default value
  • Exporting to a single csv-adherent file is now supported
  • Improved backward compatibility for legacy project.
  • Improved handling of the grayscale color scheme for scenarios
  • Many bugfixes and improvements

Blickshift Analytics 1.1.2 (April 2019)

  • Copy & Paste bug in AOI editor fixed
  • Bug during offset change in Merge & Resample node fixed
  • Further features added to Merge & Resample node
  • Small bugfixes and improvements

Blickshift Analytics 1.1 (March 2019)

  • Cumulative update with all improvements and bugfixes
  • Optimization of layout wizard
  • Optimization of merge node

Update 1.0.36 Beta (27. February 2019)

  • Verbesserung des AOI-Editors
  • SMI-Dateien mit mehreren Stimuli pro Export-Datei können jetzt importiert werden
  • Handbuch überarbeitet
  • Allgemeine Bugfixes

Update 1.0.30 Beta (11. January 2019)

  • New parameters for Film Strip and Stimulus visualization
  • General bug fixes

Update 1.0.28 Beta (29. October 2018)

  • Layout wizard is optimized
  • Line Graph can now visualize dates and times
  • General bug fixes

Update 1.0.25 Beta (12. September 2018)

  • Static AOI editor reworked based on user feedback
  • Import of columns with dates and times is now possible
  • Documentation about workflow exporer reworked

Update 1.0.22 Beta (11. June 2018)

  • New chapters to documentation added
  • Small improvements
  • General bug fixes
  • New features in exporter and importer component
  • Performance improvements

Update 1.0.17 (24. April 2018)

  • Official beta version with advanced AOI editor for static stimuli
  • New start screen with project overview
  • Project files short cut view added
  • Beta nodes added for gap filling, multi value conflation and data merging
  • Column quick search added to analysis and visualization panels
  • General bug fixes

Update 1.0.12 (16. January 2018)

Im ersten Update des neuen Jahres haben wir uns auf kleine Verbesserungen und allgemeine Bugfixes konzentriert.

Update 1.0.11 (15. December 2017)

  • We change to a monthly update cycle
  • Introduction of play function in time dependent visualizations
  • Individual selection of stimuli in Film Strip visualization
  • Chapters Introduction, Value Search and Project Manager in manual have additional information
  • Manual is added to download as PDF file
  • Small improvements
  • General bug fixes

Update 1.0.8 (15. November 2017)

  • Blickshift Analytics is installed via a Windows installer program
  • Introduction of a data column for stimuli names
  • Importer differentiates between time stamps with comma- and decimal seperators
  • Improvements of performance for a large number of scenarios and participants
  • Performance of Column Computation is optimized
  • Optimization of workflow
  • Gyro- and accelerometer data from Tobii Pro Lab files can now be analyzed
  • Ignored AOIs are drawn as dashed lines in Parallel Scan Path visualization
  • Introduction of time units for time columns
  • Gaze Duration Statistics works with different time units
  • Order of columns can be changed in Drill Down visualization
  • Optimization of error list in Column Computation
  • Different layouts for time dependent visualizations
  • Chapter Concept of manual contains additional information

Update 1.0.7 (29. June 2017)

  • First version with labeling node
  • Scan Path can visualize splitted data sources
  • Optimization of automatic layout function
  • Performance of Heat Map improved
  • General bug fixes

Update 1.0.5 (12. May 2017)

  • Labeling node is in beta phase
  • Import performance improved
  • General bug fixes

Update 1.0.3 (28. April 2017)

  • Heuristics of importer is improved
  • Window layout is stored in project files
  • Scan Path supports coupled cursors
  • Optimization of the user interface for Windows 7

We introduce Blickshift Analytics 1.0 (15. March 2017)