New Blickshift Analytics Update 1.0.11

Today, we are releasing the newest Update 1.0.11 of Blickshift Analytics! With this update we are introducing two new features: “Data replay” and “Multiple selection for stimulus videos”. This article will describe these two features in more detail.


Data replay

Many users have asked us, if it is possible to replay an experiment? Now it is! Now, you will find a play button in the “Common” panel of the Parallel Scan Path visualization, Bar Graph, Line Graph, and Film Strip. This play button replays the current data stream. It moves the current marking in forward direction of time. You can change the speed of the replay by moving the speed slider below the play button. If you want to move the current marking manually, you stop the replay and can press the arrow up and arrow down key on your keyboard.

Figure 1: The new play button replays data streams in an experiment.


Multiple selection for stimulus videos

Another wish from our users was to change the video source manually, which is used in the Film Strip. Until today, there was only the possibility to choose videos for the Film Strip in the project manager. Now, you can change the video in every Film Strip manually (Figure 2). For example, you could show two different videos in two Film Strip visualizations, like the stimulus and a video of the participants’ face. Therefore, you have to activate the manual selection by clicking on the “Media Selection” pull down menue in the properties panel of the Film Strip and select “Manual”. A list of the selected stimulus videos appears below. In this list, you can change the video source manually.

Figure 2: Manual selection of videos in properties panel of the Film Strip.


If you have any questions about data replay and the multiple selection for stimulus videos, please do not hesitate to contact our support via the new support website.