1. June 2023

ELSI Workshop at ETRA 2023

With eye tracking becoming pervasive, researchers and developers face fundamental new challenges regarding privacy and ethics. However, these critical topics have only received little attention in […]
11. November 2019

Report about the delegation journey with Prime Minister of the State of Baden-Wurttemberg Mr. Kretschmann to Finland and Sweden

Our delegation journey began on 23rd of September at the airport of Frankfurt. We left Germany for Helsinki in Finland and headed-on to Oulu in the […]
5. July 2018

Eye tracking will become pervasive – Highlights of ETRA 2018

My take home message from the Eye Tracking Research and Application Symposium (ETRA) is: Eye tracking will become pervasive Technical problems, such as a decreasing data […]
29. May 2018

Effective Eye Tracking

In the last couple of days there was a discussion on the web on whether eye tracking is an effective technology for safe automatic driving and […]
6. December 2017

Our story: From science to the “real” world

In this article we would like to present you our company’s story. It all began in the year 2009 when the Blickshift team started to work […]
29. September 2017

Eye tracking – the next big thing

Computers are becoming more and more ubiquitous. What does ubiquitous mean? Nowadays we are able to produce tiny computers which can be integrated into several devices […]
31. August 2017

Beyond heat maps and scan paths

The world today Heat maps and scan paths are the standard visualization technique for eye tracking data. Typically, heat maps show the fixation distribution over a […]
26. June 2017

A new Experience of Car Driving

A new Experience of Car Driving Nowadays a big vision of the automotive industry is autonomous driving. Since Google’s introduction of autonomously driving cars, car manufacturers, […]