Update 1.1.16 of Blickshift Analytics

Today, we release a new update for Blickshift Analytics. It has version number 1.1.16 and provides you the following highlights:


  • Heat Maps and Scan Paths now offer more helpful error messages
  • Fixed glitches in the display of the Parallel Scan Path
  • Fixed glitches in the display of the Line Graph


  • Labeling with the keyboard works consistently now
  • Fixed a bug in the Labeling Node when labeling several columns with several participants
  • Source code in the Column Computation Node is now saved correctly when hitting Ctrl+S while the focus is on the source editor
  • The highlighting in the workflow explorer now updates correctly when changing the number of inputs of a Merge and Resample Node


  • Made some computations on split markings with many splits significantly faster
  • Fixed a problem where some specific projects could no longer be loaded
  • The number of sets in the preview of data nodes is computed correctly now
  • Added an option to suppress error messages when importing
  • The importer no longer produces an error when encountering an empty file, instead an empty data table is created
  • Fixed several possible crashes