17. August 2018


Extremly cool! Finally, a powerful analysis software for the analysis of user studies in visualization research!
17. August 2018

Prof. Ulrich Schiefer, Vision Research Gruppe an der FH Aalen

Blickshift supports the AMPEL lab at the Technical University of Aalen in analyzing the recorded eye movements and simulator data with Blickshift Analytics. A very interesting […]
17. August 2018

Thomas Schlegel, FH Karlsruhe

With Blickshift Analytics we could analyze a large eye tracking experiment in a high level of detail. Especially, the feature for searching frequently performed eye movement […]
17. August 2018

Claire Prendergast

Blickshift Analytics is a very useful visualization and analysis tool for eye-tracking data. The user interface is very accessible and allows users to combine different features […]