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In this section we describe the various possibilities for you when you are using the Blickshift technology. The first four user stories present the analysis of a head-mounted eye tracking experiment, how to do lean prototyping using Blickshift Analytics, an enhancement of an existing driving simulator and a solution for driver behavior modeling as part of an automotive project.


Head-mounted eye tracking analysis

Project results: Efficient analysis of a large eye tracking experiment

  • Detailed analysis of 54 data sets in a few days
  • Data preparation with Blickshift Analytics
  • Search for common eye movement patterns in data from pedestrians and cyclists

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Lean Prototyping using Blickshift Analytics

Project results: Lean prototyping environment based on Blickshift Analytics

  • Development of the lean prototyping environment for a fast and cost-saving development and validation of interaction concepts
  • Development and implementation of an attention detection algorithm using Blickshift Analytics
  • Design and construction of a mock up

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Enhancement of a driving simulator

Project results: Enhancement of an existing driving simulator and cost efficient data analysis

  • Transfer of newest results from research in eye tracking analysis to applied research
  • Modification and enhancement of an existing driving simulator environment
  • Cost efficient data analysis with Blickshift Analytics

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Driver behavior modeling

Project results: Parametrzation of a driver behavior model

  • Analysis of 18 data sets with 16 sections each in less than one day
  • Parametrization of a driver behavior model based on the analysis results
  • Support for implementation of the driver model in a test car

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About the author
Dr. Michael Raschke is Co-Founder and managing director of Blickshift GmbH and an expert for a visualization-based eye movement analysis. Michael is author and co-author of more than 40 scientific publications in the fields of eye tracking visualization, visual analytics, cognitive modeling and human-computer interaction.

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