Dynamic AOIs made easy

After extensive internal testing and testing with a select group of users, we are opening the beta test of our new version to our worldwide community!

The highlight of the new version is an incredibly fast and accurate Dynamic AOI editor!

You can use it to annotate your experiments in almost real time. Previously, annotating stimuli with moving AOIs (Areas of Interest) took a very long time. This was also the main reason why only small sections of AOIs could be used in longer eye-tracking experiments. With the new release, you can use complex visual structures in your stimuli as continuous AOIs, even in very long experiments.

The workflow is quite simple:

1.) You go to the point in the experiment where the AOIs first enter the subject’s field of view and draw your AOIs.


2.) Then you go to the last point in the experiment when the AOIs are last seen in the subject’s field of view and adjust your AOIs.

Watch our brand new tutorial here:

Blickshift Analytics will track the AOIs from start to finish for you! If you are not satisfied with the results of the automatic recognition, you can define the AOIs more precisely in the annotated section. The software will automatically adjust the AOI tracking:


Our tool increases the speed of your data preparation for a variety of experiment design. Try our new tool in your outdoor eye-tracking experiment as above, in an indoor usability experiment or in an automotive or marketing gaze behaviour experiment! In the editor, you can check the result of your annotation at any time and also see the current status of the AOI calculation. Further evaluation takes place in exactly the same way as you are used to with our software. For example, you can run a statistical analysis or use the built-in pattern recognition to search for typical gaze patterns across the AOIs.


Dynamic AOIs in a usability experiment with a head-mounted eye tracker

Dynamic AOIs in an automotive experiment with a fixed eye tracking device


Does this sound interesting to you?

If so, we would like to invite you to take part in our big summer test of the new version. Please send us a short message via our contact form and we will send you the test version with the new dynamic AOI editor!