Future of Eye Tracking

Today, Blickshift Analytics offers you a universal, generic and intuitive useable eye tracking analysis solution. So, the question is:


What is next?


What we currently see on the market is, that eye tracking hardware becomes more and more accurate, robust but also most importantly affordable. Coming from the lab, over the last twenty years, eye tracking manufacturers did an awesome job to prepare the market for a broad application of eye tracking. Besides dedicated eye tracking hardware, recording eye movements is now also possible with artificial intelligence-based algorithms in webcams, cars, VR and AR equipment. Eye tracking hardware becomes smaller and smaller and in parallel more and more power saving. You do not need much fantasy to conclude that this technology will be one of the main enablers of new markets with virtual and augmented applications in our daily life’s.



However, there is one obstacle on this way into the future: the universal understanding of eye movements. So far, a holistic technical concept about how to understand eye tracking is still missing. Of course, there are countless proposals in scientific papers describing various methods to classify eye movements, to enrich them with semantic information, to find patterns representing specific meanings. Many of them demonstrate how to analyse specific characteristics of human visual perception but the question is how to unify them? How to decide which model represents the eye movements in a specific situation best?

We are convinced, that on the way into this future, tools like Blickshift Analytics will support us to answer this question. With powerful and transparent analysis software tools eye tracking data can be checked for data quality issues easier, interpreted more deeply, and can be connected to cognitive and perceptual models very efficiently. From the beginning our goal was and still is to support you best during your analysis of large eye tracking data and your development of next generation eye tracking applications.