Three years in the making, Blickshift Analytics redefines the boundaries for a professional eye tracking analysis. Our software was developed based on cutting edge results from Visual Analytics research for an efficient analysis of your eye tracking experiments. Explore the new possibilties of Blickshift Analytics!


Efficient overview

Find similar eye movement behavior

Support for AI development

Heat Maps and Scan Paths rethought

Use the efficiency of workflows

Raw Data Import and Export with MatLab, Excel, SPSS and R and others

Our Products and Services

Blickshift is a young data analytics company from Germany. Between Cognitive Systems and Artificial Intelligence Blickshift provides innovative software solutions for the efficient analysis of eye movements and complex data. Application fields of our products are the automotive industry, market research and sciences. With our first product, Blickshift Analytics, we change the way of how eye movements are analyzed.

Blickshift Analytics

Our revolutionary software for eye tracking and other complex data analysis

Software Applications

We develop analysis components and visualizations for your specific requirements

Blickshift Engineering

Benefit from our experience and knowledge in eye tracking and complex data analytics and develop cutting-edge interaction concepts

Data Analysis

We analyze your data for you


5. December 2018

Data recording and data synchronization in a driving simulator with Blickshift software

We have published a new article to our User Stories about an exciting project about data recording and synchronization in the driving simulator of the Stuttgart […]
16. August 2018

New section about the various applications of the Blickshift technology is online now

Our new section User Stories is online! In this section we describe the various possibilities for you when you are using the Blickshift technology. The first […]
5. July 2018

Eye tracking will become pervasive – Highlights of ETRA 2018

My take home message from the Eye Tracking Research and Application Symposium (ETRA) is: Eye tracking will become pervasive Technical problems, such as a decreasing data […]
29. May 2018

Effective Eye Tracking

In the last couple of days there was a discussion on the web on whether eye tracking is an effective technology for safe automatic driving and […]
9. March 2018

New articles about Blickshift in the Media

The magazine Familienunternehmer News reports about our company in their March volume on page 24, Link to the article (in German). Newsportal writes about the […]
16. January 2018

New Blickshift Analytics Update 1.0.12

Today, we are releasing the newest Update 1.0.12 of Blickshift Analytics! In the first update of the new year we have concentrated on small improvements and […]