Why did we found Blickshift?

Blickshift is dedicated to create a place in Baden-Württemberg in Germany, where the best people in data analysis, software development, Cognition Sciences, Perception Sciences, human-machine interaction and business development work together.

What is Blickshift doing?

Between Cognitive Systems and Artificial Intelligence Blickshift provides innovative software solutions for the efficient analysis of eye movements.

How do we do that?

As a spin-off from the Institute for Visualization and Interactive Systemes of the University of Stuttgart we are transfering cutting-edge results from science in the field of eye tracking analysis and complex data analytics into commercial products. We are using our many years of experience in the field of eye tracking analysis as well as our comprehensive know ledge for designing and developing visual analytics applications. Visual analytics combines computational data analytics methods with the human ability to qucikly identify visual patterns. This method leads to a very efficient data analysis of complex user experiments.

Who are the founders?

Our supporters


Where we're going

With our products and services we will show how powerful a combination of eye tracking and complex data analytics will be. This combination will make a widespread application of the eye tracking technology in many markets possible. Blickshift will be the number one platform for new exciting business models based on a algorithm-driven analysis of eye movements.